Shipping, Returns, and Cancellation Policy

This policy delineates Data Printing Solutions' procedures for managing shipping, returns, and cancellations concerning items/orders on Data Printing Solutions retains the right to modify this policy by updating this page.

Shipping Policy

All items are digitally formatted and ready for immediate download after successful payment. If, for any reason, you encounter difficulties downloading the purchased items despite a successful payment, please contact us at '' with the transaction reference number. Upon verification, we will promptly share the project artifacts with you via email.

Return Policy

Given that all items are presented in digital format, no returns are accepted.

Cancellation Policy and Data Printing Solutions maintain the right to decline/cancel any order. Data Printing Solutions may cancel any order(s) at its discretion:

If it suspects a fraudulent transaction.

If it suspects a customer has engaged in a transaction contrary to the Terms of Use or is a project reseller.

Due to reasons beyond the control of Data Printing Solutions, including delivery-related or technical challenges.

Refund/Cancellation Policies Applicable Under the Following Conditions:

In case Data Printing Solutions cancels the order, a full refund of the entire order amount will be processed.

If the buyer cancels the order before the item is dispatched via email, a full refund of the entire order amount will be provided within two working days.

Once the order items are downloaded cancellation is not feasible.

If there is an online download option, cancellation is not possible.

In the event of canceled orders/failed transactions, the buyer's bank/card transaction charges, if any, may be forfeited.

Data Printing Solutions extends no guarantees for the accuracy or timeliness of refunds to the buyer's card/account.

Contact Information

For any inquiries about this policy, please feel free to reach out to us:

Data Printing Solutions
KVR Tower, South Bazar
Kannur - 670002
Kerala, India

Mobile: +91 9744334405

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